As we all know, we don’t have a memory card slot in iPhone. So, the total storage we have is the storage that came with the iPhone itself. Sometimes we need to free up some space for the better performance of the iPhone. There are heavy games and applications available that occupy more space than your expectations when used for a while. Now, the question arises, how you can free up space in iPhone?  If you are too interested to run applications and heavy games in iPhone and don’t want, then to be deleted you need to delete your documents and data.

What is this Article About?

This article isn’t about deleting all the general data, but it is a guide to help you removing the mysterious data related to the apps and games. We use an app the data of the app or space starts increasing day by day that can cause a problem. In this article, we are going to help you to get rid of such a problem.

“Documents and Data” on iPhone or iPad

There are two data types found on iPhone. The data that is related to the application only is usually known as cache data. The app data also falls in this data type: data saved in the app. There are files which are directly related to the iCloud for a specific data. These two data types are different but share the same name. These two data types take enough memory to take your iPhone down. Hoe to clean up Documents and Data on iPhone? Read this article to resolve your problems.

The “Documents and Data” is an app related data in the form of login details, passwords, cache, preferences and app-specific information. This is the type of data we are talking about to remove. The load occupies a lot of space in the device that causes a problem and needed to be removed.

The Documents and Data associated with the iCloud usually stored there in the iCloud in the form of files and documents. It also covers a lot of space. We can see this data in the cloud drive as well.

The Simplest Ways to Delete “Documents & Data” on iPhone or iPad

There is a very simple way to get your job done is to delete the entire app and reinstall it. iPhone doesn’t Offer any specific method to delete app data from the device. So, deleting the entire app can be a good option. It can be bad at the same time too if you don’t have the login details for the app. You may lose your saved work and password if you don’t remember it or write it somewhere in the notebook.

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Remember, save all the important data like login details and files before deleting the app. You need to follow these steps to see the storage of “Documents and Data” that an app has in the device. You can also delete the app from there.

  • Go to “Settings” and then “General”.
iphone documents and data
  • Open “iPhone Storage”.
iphone documents and data
  • Here you can see iOS device storage condition on top and “App” list bottom.
  • There you can find an app that has a maximum volume.
iphone documents and data
  • For example, Music takes few GB’s.
  • Tap on the “Delete App” to clear all the data from your device. Don’t forget to save all important information before removing the App.
iphone documents and data

Removing Documents and Data from iCloud Drive in iOS

The “Documents and Data” stored in iCloud Drive is available there to delete. You can delete that data without deleting the entire application. The whole process for this looks same to the above mentioned but requires a little attention. You just need to follow these steps to do it.

  • Open “Settings” like you did while deleting the app.
  • Go to “General”.
iphone documents and data
  • And then “iPhone Storage”.
iphone documents and data
  • Searching “iCloud Drive” in a list.
iphone documents and data
  • Into “iCloud” Section there is an availableoption called “Manage Storage”.
  • You need to make sure you are under the “iCloud” section otherwise you will be doing the same thing that is mentioned above when we delete apps from the device.
  • Scroll down to find “Documents and Data” and then click on the app from where you want to delete your data.

Removing “Documents and Data” from iPhone helps you to have some free space in it. So, this guide would be a great help for the users. Try this as it is a simple and nice thing to do with your iPhone.

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  1. I didn’t realize you could delete the app from the settings menu. That makes my life so much easier now. When my phone starts to get full I don’t have to go app hunting anymore to delete them.

  2. Awesome tutorial. Freeing up my internal storage is much easier.

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