IPhone is a great phone and it has got all the features you may need in your hand; a good camera with high pixels, ability to make calls, send green text messages, let’s not forget our personal assistant Siri, Face time and a great long life battery. But what if your battery is dead, you won’t be able to use all these amazing features. And let’s say for example, your iPhone is not charging. The phone will be of no use if a thunder sign is not coming with the battery bank on your screen. 

Let us go through some of the reasons why your iPhone is not charging and how to fix it:

1. Charging port is dirty

One of the most common reason for iPhone not charging is that your charging port is filled with dirt, debris or some small obstacles. Clean the charging port and then try to plug in the charger. Hopefully, the iPhone will start charging if this was the case. 

2. Wall socket or USB port problem

Either you charge your iPhone by plugging into a wall socket or a USB cable connected to a computer or power bank. Try changing the wall socket because it might not be providing electricity to the charger. And in case of USB cable, try using another USB cable because the current one might have been damaged and is unable to pass the current. 

3. Reboot your iPhone

Sometimes, but rarely, your device is not recognizing the charge and it isn’t getting the required signal to charge with the electric current that is flowing in. To fix this, you can simply force reboot your iPhone. Hold the power button and the home button until the apple logo appears and then wait for your iPhone to reboot. This is probably fix your issue and the phone will start charging. 

4. USB cable is damaged

It often happens that we keep on using our torn iPhone cable, the wire is naked and it is also dangerous. However, we keep on using it up until it stops working so if it stops working this might be the reason for your iPhone to stop charging. You can buy a new USB cable from Amazon or a nearby local store in your area and then plug it to charge your iPhone.

5. Your iPhone is damaged internally

There are two scenarios here for the iPhone not charging. One reason might be that your iPhone fell off from a high height like for example, from your terrace to the ground. The screen might also be broken and the hardware components inside might be damaged or broken as well. In this case you will have to take your iPhone to a repair shop and get the iPhone fixed by maybe buying new hardware components. However, at times, it might not get fixed and you will have to buy a new phone. 

In the other scenario, your iPhone might have been dumped into water for a long time, like in a bucket of water or a swimming pool. The water might have been soaked in the hardware and inside the electrical wires. In this case, immediately, put in your iPhone into silicon and rice to soak the water out of your iPhone for minimum 72 hours. After this, try charging your iPhone for a while, if you are lucky the phone will start charging otherwise you will have to buy a new one. 

So these were some reasons why your iPhone isn’t charging and how to fix them, we hope that your iPhone starts charging again. 


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