When you notice that your iPhone doesn’t turn on, you will have to go through a lot of frustration. After pressing the power button, nothing will happen, and you will only be able to see the black colored screen. In this kind of situation, you shouldn’t panic. That’s because there are few effective methods, which you can follow in order to overcome the problem. Here are some of the most prominent steps that you can follow out of them.

Charge your iPhone for Some Time

Battery drain issues might lead you towards the black screen on your iPhone. Therefore, you should begin with charging your iPhone. You just need to plug your iPhone to a charging cable and leave it for about 15 minutes. If you are connecting to a wall outlet, you need to stick to 15 minutes. But if you are connected via a USB cable to the computer, you need to leave your iPhone for about 25 minutes. That’s because the wall outlets are in a position to provide more power when compared to the USB ports that you can find on the computers.

When your iPhone battery is completely drained, this trick will help you to start it again. You will be able to see an empty battery in your iPhone screen along with the charging indicator. You need to leave your iPhone like this for about 4 hours to let the battery fully charge. Then you will not come across any such issues.

Force Reboot your iPhone

If the above-mentioned solution is not working, you can force reboot the iPhone. To force reboot, you must press and hold the Power and Home buttons for a period of 30 seconds. If nothing happens, you need to connect the iPhone to a power outlet for about one hour and try this again. Then you will be able to see the Apple logo appearing on your screen.

iPhone Won’t Turn On? Let`s Fix it!

If this solution worked, you need to keep in mind that your system has frozen or crashed. As a result, your iPhone has become unresponsive and that’s why you could see a black screen.

iPhone Still Doesn’t Turn on. What should I Do?

iPhone Won’t Turn On? Let`s Fix it!

You will be able to boot up your iPhone with the above-mentioned solutions in most of the instances. But if you are still facing issues, you need to look for an alternative solution.

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When the battery is completely dead, it might not take a charge. Or else, if the USB charger is not working properly, your iPhone will not charge. This is another common issue. Or else, the iPhone or a component in it might have broken. Water damage or any other external damage can lead you towards this kind of consequences. On the other hand, a defective iPhone can lead you towards this kind of situation. However, it is completely rare. Even if that happens, you will be able to get your device replaced for free from an Apple Store.

If you have an additional charger, you can use it and see whether your iPhone charges. Then you can determine that the issue is with your existing charger. When all these steps fail to provide you with positive results, you can take your iPhone to a Genuis Bar of an Apple Store. Then you will be able to get the issue diagnosed.

If your iPhone is still within the warranty period, you will be able to get the issue fixed without making any payment.

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