There is only one phone that has the most advanced features than any other phone, its iPhone only. iPhone works smoothly and most stable device than other android and other operating systems. There are very few issues are witnessed where people complain about iPhone being held or stuck. It has iCloud, Siri, Podcast and iTunes and many other features that make it more reliable and trustworthy. It has SLO-MO feature that is not included in other operating systems. The OS of the iPhone itself is unique and most advanced. The developers of iPhone are making changes in the Software regularly to provide the best for their customers.

There is no machine in the universe that works perfectly. There can be faults in any device. There is an issue with the iPhone as well. Sometimes. It shows black screen leaving the phone stuck for a few minutes. There can be different reasons for that. Sometimes, memory issues are on top. You should keep an eye on the memory of your phone. If there is enough space for your iPhone, it works excellent. However, I am going to guide you if you are facing black screen issue with your iPhone. Please, keep reading the article to get rid of your black screen problem.

When there is a Software Issue

Obviously, there can be different reasons for your problem. Most of the time there is an only software issue. We should start with the most basic solutions. You just need to follow the given step to resolve this issue.

  • Turn OFF your iPhone and connect a charger for safety;
  • Turn it ON when it is charged considerably good i.e. more than 50%;
  • Update all the applications in the device;
  • Back up all your data;
  • Update the OS if updates are available any.

Battery Issues

iPhone shows a black screen when it is powered OFF or facing Battery failure etc. Make sure your battery is being charged by the charger smoothly. There can be charging issues that don’t let turn your phone ON. The solution for this is straightforward. Use another charger for your phone to charge up. If it doesn’t work, then you may have a battery failure issue that needs to be solved for your phone.

iPhone Black Screen Solution

There is another case when there is battery life, but iPhone turns OFF anyway. In this case, your battery needs replacement. It is better to buy a new one than repairing the old battery. When you are not sure about anything relate to the battery issue then take your phone to the technicians and let them find a solution for you.

Fixing an iPhone Black Screen that is Powered On

You may face the problem where you see a black screen when your iPhone is turned ON as well. This is a little worse condition for you and needs special care. In this case, you receive phone calls, text messages and all other operations are operated by the phone perfectly. This can warm up your phone a little bit more than usual.

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This issue is reported by most of the iPhone X users. Although, some users mentioned the same issue with their iPhone 7, 7S, 8, 8S.

The solution is little easiest for this one. You need to reboot the phone and it is easy even when your screen is black. You can get help from the volume and power buttons. So, it is a fortune for iPhone users.

How to Force Restart iPhone 8, 8S and iPhone X?

You just need to press volume Up button first and then Volume down button. After that press and hold the power button for few seconds until the screen shows the Apple logo.

How to Force Restart iPhone 7 and 7S?

In these phone press Volume Up, Down and Power buttons at the same time and release after when the screen shows the Apple logo.

iPhone Black Screen Solution

How to Force Restart 6, 6S and all Earlier Models?

These all models consist home button. You just need press power button and home button and hold them until the screen turns ON and shows Apple logo. This solution can work for your devices if your screen isn’t physically damaged.    

If this solution doesn’t work, there can be an issue with the LCD of your phone. You need to get it changed by someone professional.

When your Screen Shows a Redline

It is typically a hardware issue that happens when your phone gets crack by some means. Most of the times, this happens when your phone falls. In this case, iPhone works leaving a red line with a black screen. You need to contact the developers the solve this issue.

When Apple Logo Appears but Nothing Else Shows up

There can be an app that is crushing your phone and taking more time to turn on than usual. This can be due to the unresponsiveness of the application that leads your phone’s screen to be black for too long. Deletion of that app or updating it through Apple Appstore can resolve the issue very nicely.

iPhone shows Black Screen while Watching Videos and Pictures

This isn’t the issue that is noticed much. iPhone is better at playing videos smoothly. There can be some internet issue that leads it to stick for a while. Just make sure your internet connection is good before playing online HD videos iPhone. As we all know when you play online videos on YouTube or another channel, it loads in your device for a while. So, there should be a little space for that. If there isn’t any, then you can’t watch it online. After watching the videos, the memory gets free again. So, make sure about the storage capacity before any other app in your iPhone.   

These were few of the problems regarding the black screen on your iPhone with their solutions. These are suggested by most trustworthy users. So, you can try all these to check what is wrong with your device. These won’t harm your device at all. Just give them a try and see if your problem is resolved or not.

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