On September 20, Apple’s new iPhone smartphone line went on sale in more than 30 countries. In this article, I’m talking about what’s special about the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.


The chipset inside all iPhone 11 is called A13 Bionic. Apple claims that it has the fastest processor and graphics among all smartphones, which, of course, needs to be checked.


The device will run iOS 13 software out of the box. The presentation also reported that the smartphone comes with an improved Face ID.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

Externally, the iPhone 11 Pro looks very similar to last year’s iPhone XS. Apparently, Apple is confident that they do not need to change the winning formula and introduce a radically new device. However, there is still something innovative in the 11 Pro.


The camera on the new iPhone 11 Pro is something that most people will be interested in. As expected, the main camera consists of three sensors: the “standard” 12-megapixel, 12-megapixel ultra-wide with a field of view of 120 degrees and 12-megapixel with a telephoto lens.

The background defocus mode, which Apple calls its main portrait function, is back, and has become even more thoughtful. There is a high exposure mode, so you can create sharper photos when shooting friends or a group of people.

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

Video mode includes 4K video recording, slow-mo and time-lapse. Overall, Apple claims to have “the highest quality video recording among smartphones.”

The front sensor is a 12 megapixel TrueDepth camera. Its purpose is to make wider images while turning the smartphone. Also, Apple first added a 4K video recording for a selfie camera.


The device looks like a previous generation smartphone – iPhone XS. Shiny metal edges, a 5.8-inch screen with a recess in the upper part, the lower part with two perforated grilles. It is water resistant to IP68.

At the bottom of the phone is the same Lightning connector that we saw over the past few years – some were expecting to switch to USB-C, which is used on the new iPad Pro and MacBook, but this did not happen.

iPhone 11 Pro Colors

There are only four of them: the new “midnight green”, space gray, silver and gold.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

As mentioned above, the iPhone 11 was announced along with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – Apple’s flagship phones this year. In this regard, the iPhone 11 is most likely designed as a continuation of the iPhone XR.

The new iPhone 11 is available in six colors: purple, white, yellow, green, black and red. The back of the phone is made of glass, and the Lightning connector is located on the bottom loop. Like other recent models of the company, there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack on the device.

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The smartphone comes with a 6.1-inch Retina LCD, which is the same size as the screen on the iPhone XR, released a year ago. The notch at the top of the screen remains, and, in general, the device looks like its fellow from the previous generation.

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

The dimensions of the device are also identical to the XR – 150.9 mm x 75.7 mm x 8.3 mm, weight – 194 grams.

The new model also has IP68 water resistance. This means that the user can fearlessly drop him in the bath or take a shower with him, as the phone can survive at a depth of up to two meters.


This year, Apple focused on the camera. And this is because the iPhone 11 has a dual-lens sensor – for the first time for a cheaper iPhone line.

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

Like the “Big brother”, the iPhone 11 has a video mode that includes 4K video recording, slow-mo and time-lapse. The front  camera sensor of the iPhone 11 is still the same 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is very similar to the larger model of 2018, in that it offers a metal rim, a glass back panel and speaker grilles at the bottom of the device.


As in 11 Pro, the flagship camera is one of the most powerful elements of the device. The rear panel also consists of three cameras, each with 12 MP sensors: a “standard”, ultra-wide version and a 2x optical zoom lens. All other photo and video settings are also exactly the same as the 11 Pro.

Design and Display

The iPhone 11 Pro Max isn’t much different than the iPhone 11 Pro. Like the iPhone XS with XS Max, these two phones are designed to be just big or small versions of each other, allowing users to decide what suits them best.

iPhone 11: Release Date and Features

The main change is the aforementioned cameras. The technology of the main panel is much the same as last year – the OLED display remains, which means clear images, sharpness with high resolution, brighter colors and brighter contrast between the light and dark areas of the images.

What’s New is the Super Retina XDR display, which literally brightens things up with two new peak brightness numbers: 800 nits when the user is in the sun and needs a bright screen when viewing content without HDR, and an impressive 1200 nits when he is watching HDR format content . It also means that you can now watch movies that support HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Colors

The same new midnight green, space gray, silver and gold.

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