Having bought a new iPad Pro, you should definitely get acquainted with some unobvious secrets in the iPadOS interface. By the way, most of the tips suggested in this article work not only on the iPad, but also on the iPhone, so some of the features described in this article will be relevant for almost all new owners of iPadOS devices.

iPad Pro Tips

Magnets and Apple Pencil

Among the less important innovations, the possibility of charging the Apple Pencil 2 stylus without a direct connection to a power source was noted, just simply magnetize the digital pen to the iPad Pro.

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Also, with the help of magnets, the Smart Keyboard Folio cover keyboard is connected. However, no one expected that there are so many magnets under the back panel that the tablet can be safely hung literally on any more or less even metal surface at any angle.

Separate Keyboard

A full-time virtual keyboard assumes that you will be typing while holding the iPad on your lap or putting it on the table. And what if you want to comfortably type text while holding the tablet with both hands in landscape or portrait orientation? Just put the keyboard in separate mode, for which click on the keyboard icon in the lower right corner and tap on “Split”.

Sidecar Feature

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Briefly and rather primitively, Sidecar allows you to use your iPad tablet as a second display connected to your Mac. On it, you can transfer any windows, view video in full screen mode – everything, as on a regular additional monitor. But Apple would not have been by itself if it had not gone further.

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Using Split View in Safari

When you’re surfing in Safari, flip the iPad into landscape orientation to switch to landscape mode, then do a long tap on the link and click “Open in Split View”. When you use Split View, you can move tabs from one half of the display to the other.

Night Shift

The undoubtedly useful iOS feature, which for some reason is neglected by many, is Night Shift. Thanks to her, in the dark, instead of the cold colors of the screen, you get a picture in warmer (yellow) colors. You can activate it through the Control Center, and configure the scheduled work by going to Settings -> Screen and Brightness -> Night Shift.

iPad Pro Tips and Tricks


Still, iPad Pro is a really good tablet. Perhaps the best that was created in Cupertino. If initially I was skeptical of him, now everything has changed.

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