Sometimes we feel so annoying our device keeps on changing its orientation. It makes us even when we are studying or playing a game on the device. What should we do then? Obviously, we should use the screen locker for stopping our device’s display to rotate. The Solution works for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 and earlier models as well.

How to Find it in your Device?

It would be the easiest thing for an iPhone user to find orientation lock in it. Now it is easier to find as it is moved to the quick access bar. You don’t need to feel bad if it is not there in the settings.

Now I am going to tell you if you couldn’t find it in your iOS. Have a look at the text given below.

Unlock your device first. It works even when your device is locked. Swipe Up from the bottom of your display screen to show quick access bar or Control Center. You can do it anytime. It works even when you are using an application in your iPhone. There in the Control Centre, you can see many options available like Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and Night mode etc. these are all shown at the top of the Control Centre. In that list at the top right corner, you can find the orientation lock.

How can we Lock Screen Orientation in iOS Devices?

You can turn it on and off from there. When it is turned on it should look bright and clear. The sign also shows up at the top of the screen near the battery sign when it is ON. when it is OFF, you won’t be able to see it there.

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There are many users who reported an issue that orientation lock doesn’t work sometimes like when they play games and use some applications.

It is the case where the app is at fault for the good of you. For example, you’re going to play Asphalt 9 in your iPhone or iPad. The game works only in Landscape mode whether orientation lock is On or not. This is better for you too as you can’t play Asphalt 9 on your phone in portrait mode. It would be a worse experience playing the game in portrait mode. Most of the games in iOS devices work in portrait mode. So, there is no bug in this case. If you still think it is a bug, then prefer deleting the app.

Control Centre is the finest addition to the iOS devices. In which you can find out most of the function in a second without looking for the settings in your iOS device. You can edit the Control Center and pace any of the other functions there according to your need. It is awesome to have Control Center in your device. Many of the Operating Systems added this function to their devices after iOS.

So, I have tried to help you out for finding the lock orientation in your device to have your phone in your hand and use in a way you want. It helps you to change the orientation mostly when you like to rest in your bed while reading books on your device. I hope this article would be a greater help for you guys.

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