Are you facing any problems regarding apps in iPhone and iPad? As we all know, iPhone and iPad devices are very stable than other operating systems. iOS Apps are always certified apps that usually don’t cause trouble for the users. The common apps like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc. work proficiently in these devices. But, sometimes apps that are not commonly used devices can work ambiguously. You may face an app there that crashes randomly. Crashing app may quit automatically or return to the home screen without user intent. There is another possibility of crashing while doing a particular action in the application. That is a rare case by the way! I am going to mention a few solutions down there in the article for problems that you face in iPhone and iPad. 

You can use these tricks to make your device smooth for running your required app. The tips are given below. 

Reboot your Device 

The first and most useful thing to do is to reboot your device. Doesn’t matter what device you’re using. iPhone, iPad or iPod work efficiently after you’re done rebooting. This trick always works when you’re facing minor issues in your device.

How to reboot now? It is as easy as you like. You need to press the power and home buttons until the screen shows the apple sign. Now, let the device to reboot and wait. This can work, and you’ll be able to use your app after rebooting. 

Quit your App and Relaunch it 

Something crashing issues for an app are resolved only by quitting it. It helps the device to clear all the app memory from your device. You can click on the app icon and use it. 

  • For using the quit option, double-click the home button. It shows up the multitasking screen. 
  • Choose an app that causing some sort of problem and swipe up to quit. 
  • Go back to home screen and tap again on the app to relaunch it. 

This can help but not all the time. If it doesn’t help, don’t try doing this again and again to avoid further issues. I am going to mention some other ways to sort this issue out. 

Update the Application through App Store

There is a possibility of crashing an app if it has not the latest version in your device. This isn’t the case for all the apps in your device. Updating that app through Appstore is one good option. It is logically good too. You should have the latest version of an app that can offer more features. keeping your device up to date is a good practice! It shouldn’t bother you at all. 

  • First, open App Store and click update section. 
  • Update app that has some bugs. You should update all the app though. It keeps your device in good working condition. 
  • Use the fresh app after updating it. I hope it can solve the issue. 

If crashing is only due to some bug, then updating that app solves the issue. If it doesn’t work after that, you may need to follow my next option. 

Delete Application and Reinstall it

Uninstalling or deleting an app removes all the data related to the app from your device memory. For an app which has small volume is easy to delete and reinstall. If you have a bigger app then it can take some to download but can help to eliminate your problem. 

  • Tap the app and hold it that is causing a problem on the home screen. 
  • Find an “X” on the screen after tapping the icon. Drop that app in that “X” and confirm the deletion. 
  • Now go to the App Store and find that app in the search section again. 
  • Redownload the application by tapping on it. 

Now, try to open the app. It should work the way you wanted to. There is another advantage of deleting the app and that is it removes all the cache data with the app. It can help in cleaning your device. These caches can make your app heavier than expected. It causes in slowing down your device’s performance. So, Uninstalling isn’t a bad option at all. It keeps your device fresh. 

If deletion an app doesn’t work, don’t repeat the action, again and again, follow the last and final point. 

Update iOS and Get Latest Version 

Updating the device fixes little bugs and add new features to your device. Sometimes, updating helps you to resolve common app problems as well. There can be heavy apps that require a newer version of iOS. So, updating is important for such situations. 

  • Back up the device to iTunes or iCloud. 
  • Go to Settings>General Settings>Software Update. 
  • Here you need to Download and install and let your device do the rest. 

It really works when you keep your phone updated. The developers always try to minimize the errors in newest additions. Recently it was seen that Instagram app keep crashing when opened or while scrolling down to feeds in the app. But the latest version came with all the solution and apps started working in a proficient way. 

So, keep your iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to have your apps running properly without any crashing. There is another benefit i.e. other features like battery consumption etc. are resolved in the newest versions of iOS. 

These are few guidelines or tips that can help you in trouble. Follow these tips to make your device free from app crashing. Do they work or not? Obviously, they will. Have a nice day! 


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