In this article, I will show you how quickly and efficiently clear the iCloud Drive from unnecessary documents and files.

With the advent of iCloud, the already reliable devices from Apple have become even cooler. The service has become especially useful for those who own several gadgets at once: Mac with iPhone, iPhone with iPad and other combinations.

iCloud how deeply sewn into the system that it is impossible to use the iPhone and never come across this service. But if you let everything go, then sooner or later the user will see a similar message about “Storage limit”.

The fact is that Apple gives free 5 GB in its cloud storage, which are clogged for a couple of months of use. The way out is simple: to buy space for yourself, since the prices are quite affordable, for example, 200 GB of available memory will cost 10.90$ per month.

We just can not take. When buying an expensive smartphone, you must first save on the covers, and then on iCloud. In fact If you reasonable to use the allocated space, there is no need for hundreds of gigabytes of space if you do not make cloud copies and do not store photos there. That is, almost do not use iCloud.

But there are less painful ways. It is enough to configure the upload settings once and clean the data from time to time.


In order to find where the directory with the stored iCloud is in your device, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Find here “Password & Accounts”, just tap it;
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?
  • Open “iCloud” account;
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?
  • Click on “Storage”;
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?
  • Tap on “Manage Storage”;
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?
  • Great we are in the right place!
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?


For example, we delete my “Pages” files from iCloud Storage.

Before we start, let’s look at how to work with this section using Pages files from the iWork office suite. The fact is that I removed them from my Mac a long time ago, but, as you can see, all files were safely preserved in iCloud, and i can see them from my iPhone. I do not argue, in a sense, it is convenient, but in our case my goal is to release my “cloud” from the old useless files like that.

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Since these files do not represent a special value for me, we can safely delete all these documents.

Also, there are two ways to allow this case:

  • The first, if you need to delete all application data, you can simply click “Delete Documents & Data”;
  • The second one is more suitable if you need to delete some of them in the list below, swipe the file name to the left, after which the “Delete” button will appear;
How to Find & Delete iCloud Old Documents from iPhone & iPad?
  • Congrat, it is done!

Be careful!

Cleaning information from iCloud in a similar way removes it from all your devices. In particular, after deleting documents from Pages, you will no longer be able to take and open them from your Mac. Therefore, carefully choose which information you can donate, and which for the sake of security should also be saved in Dropbox. Just in case.


It seems that such applications do not take up too much space. However, five programs with data size of 100 megabytes each are already able to significantly reduce the capacity of your storage. If we consider that most users prefer not to expand its space with a free five gigabytes, the account is already clearly going to megabytes.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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