The large amount of available disk space, more than 6 GB, allows you to store all correspondence. At the moment, in one of my mailboxes, the number of letters has exceeded 30 thousand. And this is not so much, considering that in some discussion sheets there is a rather high activity – about 2 thousand messages per month.

When working with a large database of letters in Gmail, there are some difficulties – for example, the interface does not allow displaying only unread messages. If you look at the list of search operators Gmail, then there you will not find a way to solve the problem.

And it is fair to ask how to read my unread messages?

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Search Operators in Gmail

In Gmail, you can use special words and symbols, called search operators, to refine your search. To narrow the results as much as possible, you can enter several operators in the search field at once.

How to Use Search Operators

Allowed to find undocumented operator: label: unread. It can be used with other operators — for example:

  • Open Gmail;
  • Enter the search operator in the search field;
  • The operator to search for unread emails looks like this:
How to View Unread E-mails in Gmail?
  • Gmail show all unread messages.


This trick is useful if you want to quickly and quickly delete outdated unread letters. Clean in the shortest possible time with a few clicks of the mouse, and let your inbox begin a new life.

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