Active users of apple smartphones and tablets can receive and send dozens of new messages daily in iMessage and SMS. As a result, a huge number of entries accumulate in Messages and quickly finding something necessary among them can be difficult. In this article, I’ll show you how to go to the first message on SMS or iMessages.

How to Find Old Text Messages on iPhone?

In fact, the trick of viewing old messages is very simple and simply because the Messages application does not load all the content of the correspondence from the database follow this moves:

  • All that is required for them to appear again is to pull the message box down twice and wait for the download icon;
How to View Older Messages on iPhone?
  • After a couple of moments, a portion of old messages will appear;
  • In order to load the following list of messages, repeat the procedure.

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You can also search for messages using the built-in iOS search. In it, users also need to set the desired phrase. Only in the case of a global search, not only incoming messages will appear in the search results, but also mail, notes in Notes, etc. As a result, will be shown all text messages on the iPhone that contain the search phrase will appear on the screen.

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