With Mac computers, you can use almost any keyboard designed for a Windows PC, whether it’s a USB or Bluetooth keyboard. True, the modification keys on keyboards for Mac and PC are different. This can result in erroneous keyboard shortcuts or other unexpected keystrokes when using a PC keyboard with a Mac.

The problem can be easily solved by reassigning the WINDOWS and ALT keys to Cmd and Option (Alt) on the PC keyboard connected to the Mac. In this case, you can use the usual keyboard shortcuts that are typical for a standard Apple keyboard. Many Mac users who have to work with a PC keyboard will really make their life easier.

In this article we will discussed how to connect and rebind keys of Windows keyboard for Mac.

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Using a Windows Keyboard on a Mac

The method described below works with all PC keyboards with the standard Ctrl/Windows/Alt layout and all macOS versions:

  • Connect the PC keyboard to the Mac via USB or Bluetooth, as you usually do;
  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences;
  • Click on the Keyboard;
How to Use Windows Keyboard with Mac?
  • Select the “Keyboard” tab and click on the “Modifier Keys” option in the lower right corner of the settings panel;
How to Use Windows Keyboard with Mac?
  • In the “Select Keyboard” menu, select the desired PC keyboard;
  • Open the menu of the Option (Alt) key and select Cmd;
  • Open the Cmd key menu and select Option (Alt);
  • Click OK.
How to Use Windows Keyboard with Mac?

When you have done all of the above, when connected to a Mac, the WINDOWS key on your PC keyboard will become Option (Alt) key, and ALT will become Cmd.


Keep in mind that on some keyboards for Windows PC’s, the CTRL and ALT key functions are also different from the keys on a Mac. Fortunately, they can be reassigned using the method described above.

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