Many users are in a hurry to buy a smart watch or a fitness bracelet only to calculate the distance traveled. Instead, you can use your favorite smartphone and do without additional accessories.

In this article I will show you how to activate pedometer features on your iPhone.

What iPhones Distance Tracker?

You can read the steps using almost any smartphone. On very old devices, a GPS module will be used for this, and on newer devices, a special co-processor.

Starting with the iPhone 5S model, the Cupertinians began to equip manufactured devices with a co-processor. The first model of the Apple M7 coprocessor made it possible to analyze the movement of the smartphone and quite accurately determine the distance traveled with the device.

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In the iPhone 6 model, the Apple M8 co-processor learned to take into account even the distance that was traveled up the stairs.

It turns out that, as a pedometer, you can easily use any iPhone from model 5S with iOS 8 or newer installed.

How to Activate iPhone Walking App and Functions of your iPhone

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Motion & Fitness;
How to Use the iPhone as a Pedometer?
  • Enable the Fitness Tracking option;
  • Enable data access for the standard Health app;
How to Use the iPhone as a Pedometer?
  • Go to the Health app;
  • Open the Data section – Activity;
How to Use the iPhone as a Pedometer?
  • In the Steps block, you will see the distance traveled, clicking on it will reveal detailed statistics with the activity calendar.
How to Use the iPhone as a Pedometer?

iPhone Health App not Working

If you faced with some problems wit iPhone Health App not working correct, just try to reboot your iPhone. After rebooting all services will be restarted and everithing will be OK!


So you can use the iPhone to count your daily steps as a pedometer. Don’t forget to just carry it with you everywhere.

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