The Tor software product is a world-famous tool for anonymous use of the Internet. It’s job is the so-called onion routing, which confuses the IP address with its servers and eliminates any user tracking. Usually Tor is used on computers, but it is also possible to run it on an iPhone or iPad. We will analyze the installation of the Onion Browser application, which uses Tor’s onion technology and ensures complete confidentiality.

Tor in iOS

So, the TOP technology allows you to go to sites and download something from the network without leaving any traces. That is, when you open, for example, a site through Tor Browser, you will not be able to track the IP address of your computer on this site which means you can be incognito. Even your ISP will not understand that you visited this site and it will be almost impossible to prove it. Well, the browser itself will not store all traces of your wanderings on the Internet.

How to Use Tor with Onion Browser for iPhone or iPad

To work with Onion Browser, you will need the latest iOS device firmware (iOS 10 and above), as well as a stable Internet connection. I will try to clearly show all the moments of its use in instruction below:

  • Download the application through the App Store. To do this, follow the link or enter Onion Browser in the search menu;
  • The application is free, so click Get;
How to Use Onion Browser on iPhone?
  • If you open the application and see a pop-up window. We are interested in the item “Connect to Tor” (“Connect to the Tor network without Bridge”), select it;
  • After that, the network will initialize. This process is not instantaneous, so take your time and wait for the initialization;
How to Use Onion Browser on iPhone?
  • Upon completion, Onion Browser will notify you of a connection to Tor (or a connection error);
  • Press Start Browsing;
How to Use Onion Browser on iPhone?
  • After that, you can use the application as a regular browser, but at the same time having complete anonymity on the network.
How to Use Onion Browser on iPhone?

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Now your iPhone or iPad will be able to work on the Tor network. Onion Browser is not a browser in the usual sense. It does not have many features of famous programs such as Google Chrome or Opera. Some sites may not work correctly or display incorrectly. But its main feature, providing anonymous access, Onion Browser performs just fine.


It should be noted that loading web pages in the onion browser is much slower than usual. This happens due to the fact that network traffic travels to different countries in order to maintain confidentiality.

Using Onion Browser is a must for a person in the 21st century. Constant monitoring of users cannot but disturb.


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