There are a huge number of specialized applications, such as Teamviewer, that allow you to remotely access another computer, but if you want to connect to someone else’s Mac without using third-party software, then there is one cool way.

In this article we will tell you how to remotely see the desktop of someone else’s Mac using iMessage.

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How to Access Mac Display Remotely Using Message

Starting with OS X El Capitan, iMessages introduced the “Screen Sharing” feature, thanks to which it would be easy to access a remote Mac:

  • Launch Messages on the Mac, find the contact you want to connect to to gain access to the display and tap on it;
  • Click on the menu bar Details -> Invite to share my screen or Request access to the general screen;
How to Use iMessage on Mac for Remote Desktop?
  • The user will be prompted to see the display of another Mac or showcase his own. Click the “Accept” button;
  • Wait until the connection process is completed, it may take some time;
  • After this action, a window will appear with all the contents of the desktop of the remote user. At the same time, voice communication is activated, and quite high quality;
  • The remote access icon will be displayed in the menu bar, where you can optionally mute the microphone or completely terminate the sharing session.


Unfortunately, the described method is only suitable for Mac owners. To access the Remote Screen, the PC owner will have to use programs such as VNC or TeamViewer. You can use guide from this article: How to Remote Control a Mac with Screen Sharing in macOS?

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