This article provides instructions that help you open firmware files in IPSW on Mac or PC.

IPSW files good known for gadget owners, who often install jailbreak and other unlicensed programs with. Please note that installing such software can lead to errors and irreversible system changes.

What Is A .IPSW File?

You are here because you have a file that has a file extension ending in .ipsw. The abbreviation IPSW stands for “iPhone Software”. Files with the .ipsw extension are an archive with components of the iOS mobile operating system, prepared for installation on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (firmware, baseband, etc.) Whenever a device is updated, iTunes downloads a new IPSW from Apple servers. Files are used by users to learn how iOS works on the iPhone, as well as for jailbreak and unlock.

How to Open .IPSW file?

How to Use .IPSW?

The file contains data used by Apple iTunes to restore programs and minor updates on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It can be removed if it is damaged, it allows iTunes to download a new copy of software updates.

IPSW files for iPhone are stored in the following directories:


[user_name]/Library/iTunes /iPhone Software Updates/

For iPod updates, change the name “iPhone” to “iPod” in the location directory above.


\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\

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The IPSW extension files are created in the .zip format. However, you can unpack them using the Zip unzip tool. The archive includes encrypted .DMG files, one of which stores the contents of the file system. The file can be decrypted using tools such as VFDecrypt, iDecrypt and iDecryptIt.

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How to Use .IPSW

  • Connect your iPhone or otheriOS device to your computer;
  • Choose a device in iTunes;
  • In macOS, hold the “Option” key, and then click “Refresh”.
  • On a PC, hold the “SHIFT” key and then click “Refresh”;
  • Select the downloaded .IPSW file and click “Select”.
  • Let iOS device update as usual.

Jailbreak and .IPSW Files

IPSW files are used when iOS jailbreaking with the PwnageTool utility. A custom firmware file created using PwnageTool updates the iPhone’s mobile system without a baseband upgrade, which is used by the owners of unofficial devices, who then unlock them to work with any mobile operator.


I strongly advise you not to use a third-party distribution that is not subject to licensing by the manufacturer on your device. In all other cases, working with IPSW files is very flexible and convenient.

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