Some users, updated to the latest versions of OS X or macOS, were unhappy with the new Photo application, which for various reasons turned out to be inconsistent with their expectations. Finding it necessary to return to the familiar iPhoto application, many of them found that the old application is no longer available. If you have such a problem, pay attention to my instructions.

Errors that occur while launching iPhoto on recent versions of have arisen in OS X Yosemite and are could sound different.

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Most often, the path of users to use iPhoto is blocked by the inscription: “In order to open“ ”, you need to update the application to the latest version”. The most interesting thing is exactly what users need to do.

How to Use iPhoto Instead of Photos

  • Open the App Store;
  • Go to the Account tab in the Mac App Store and find iPhoto;
How to Use iPhoto Instead of Photos App in macOS?
  • Tap the Install button next to iPhoto;
  • Install the new version of iPhoto compatible with macOS.
How to Use iPhoto Instead of Photos App in macOS?

Or Use Photos App

How to Use iPhoto Instead of Photos App in macOS?

If you did not update OS X to version 10.10.3 or higher, Photo is installed automatically when you update macOS.

The Photos app includes features not found in iPhoto. For example, you can view all photos on all your devices using iCloud Photo and in the same way organize photos on Mac and iOS devices.

When you first open the “Photos” on Mac, the library is updated. The updated media library is compatible with Photos and iPhoto (if installed), but any changes made to Photos are not displayed in iPhoto and vice versa.


Note that although simultaneous work in iPhoto and the Photos application on macOS is not prohibited, it is better to stay on any one tool. Otherwise, you are assured of a mess in the library of your photos, images and videos. It is also worth saying that for those users who have not previously worked in iPhoto, installing a new version of the application will not work – after the release of Photo for macOS, the application is no longer available in the Mac App Store.

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