Thanks to the built-in filters in the regular Photo application, you can improve or even radically change the image, as in Instagram. In this article we will tell you some details about the work of regular editing tools for new iPhone 11 owners. In addition, the new cameras allow you to take stunning pictures.

The Photo application has a lot of useful simple tools for editing images, such as rotation, cropping, changing the brightness level and of course popular filters.

How to Use Filters in Photos App on iPhone?

  • Open the Photos application and find the image you are interested in or get a new one through the Camera;
  • Click on the Edir at the top of the display;
How to Use iPhone 11 Camera Filters App?
  • Go to the section with filters (three colored circles), also located at the bottom;
How to Use iPhone 11 Camera Filters App?
  • Select one of the filters you like and click the “Done” button.

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Use iPhone Camera Filters in Camera App

It is also possible to use filters when photographing on iPhone:

  • Launch the Camera application;
  • In the upper right corner, go to the filter selection mode;
  • Tap on the filter you like;
How to Use iPhone 11 Camera Filters App?
  • They will be applied in real time until the image is received, which is very convenient.


The filter function is very convenient in that it immediately takes the desired photo. In this case, you can always return the image to the original, if something you do not like in the filter and apply another.

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