Before they became mainstream and saw much use in industry or home alike, Mac did not get much attention when it came to browsing the internet aside from Safari. Mac users were running older versions of web browsers compared to their counterparts on the PC, did not have access to the top ones at that time, namely Netscape and Internet Explorer and thus, missed out on popular plug-ins that were essential if you wanted to visit some parts of the web.

After that phase, came the advent of websites based on HTML and CSS which made it easier for the Mac users to visit them on their operating system and without the need for an external plug-in. However, despite the majority of the websites being accessible via the same technology, many are left out of reach because they either need a specific browser like Internet Explorer, an operating system like Windows or they simply don’t know, trust or acknowledge any other system. Now with Internet Explorer being discontinued by Microsoft for the Mac, options seem limited but there are ways where you can access these sites or download the Internet Explorer for a Mac.

How to Access Websites that Require a Windows PC or Internet Explorer

You would need the Safari browser to get past any sort of restrictions on the websites, this can be done by following the steps below:

  • Start by simply launching the Safari browser;
  • Click Safari in the menu bar on the top of your screen and then click Preferences;
  • From there, click the Advanced tab;
  • Tick the Show Develop Menu in menu bar checkbox and then close the preferences window;
  • You will now see the Develop menu on the menu bar;
  • Go to the Develop menu and then select User Agent;
  • If you want to show yourself as a user of Internet Explorer, select the Internet Explorer options;
  • If you want to show yourself as a user of any Windows PC, select the Google Chrome – Windows or Firefox – Windows options.Azure RemoteApp.

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How to Use Internet Explorer on macOS

Since the Internet Explorer for Mac is not available anymore as Microsoft cut the support, you can still use a browser using an independent service called ModernIE. You can still download Internet Explorer for Mac for free but that will be an older version. The ModernIE is available for free and allows for the updated version of Internet Explorer to be used via Remote Desktop access from Windows. So, if you are looking for a way to get the Internet Explorer download for free on the Mac, then you can do so by following these steps:

  • Visit BrowserStack and subscribe to the service with your Free Trial Account;
  • Select the region nearest to you for better performance and verify the email;
How to Use Internet Explorer in macOS the Easy Way?
  • Launch the Remote Desktop App on your PC;
  • Select the Azure RemoteApp on the Remote Desktop title bar;
  • Authenticate your Microsoft Account and accept the invitation to use Internet Explorer;
How to Use Internet Explorer in macOS the Easy Way?
  • On the Internet Explorer option, select IE Tech Preview and then wait;
  • An Internet Explorer 11 browser window will show up on the Mac desktop complete with the Windows UI and ready to be used.

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