In the five years since Apple CarPlay was released, Apple’s Maps app was the only navigation option. But later services such as Waze began to be added to the CarPlay. Fortunatly, Google updated its Google Maps service and added the long-awaited support for Apple CarPlay.

What is CarPlay?

The CarPlay system allows motorists to fully integrate iOS technology into the car. Thanks to Siri and iOS integration into the dashboard, the driver can perform familiar tasks without being distracted from the road.

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Despite its convenience and brevity, CarPlay makes many users wonder how to change the navigation system on CarPlay, and in this article you will clearly see how to switch to the usual Google Maps instead of native Apple maps.

How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?

Although Apple’s Maps have made visible improvements, Google Maps still has a number of significant advantages. It is the most popular navigation application. Below you will find a guide that show how to change CarPlay native Maps to Google Maps app:

  • Make sure your device updated to iOS 12 or later version and Google Maps version 5.0 or higher;
  • Go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay;
How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?
  • Choose Connection type;
How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?
  • Choose Car;
How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?
  • Go to the second page of Applications;
How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?
  • Pull Google Maps to the main screen, replacing the “Maps” app with it.
How to Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?


If both of the services described in this article are not to your liking, then you should pay attention to the Waze cards for CarPlay. The developers added support for these third-party navigation services to CarPlay, after which Waze successfully passed all stages of testing and is ready to go.

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