If you work closely with e-mail, do not want to forget anything and do everything – you will have to create a system of reminders for important emails. The easiest way to do this on iOS devices is to mark Email as important with flags. This is convenient because iPhone sorter mails with “different colors” flags, this adds clarity to the application.

Why Do I Need to Highlight Letters in this Way?

  • Reminder: “in due time it is necessary to return to this issue, plus it is necessary to take into account something that is written in the letter.”;
  • Note: for example, if the email refers to a specific project or topic;
  • Timestamp: Mark a message that has a specific date.

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How to Flag Emails in Mail on iPhone and iPad?

It’s simple:

  • Open the Apple mail app “Mail”;
  • Select the desired Email message. Do not forget that it may not be in the Inbox, but in a dedicated folder;
  • Slide it to the left and you will find an icon with the orange flag;
  • Click on the “Flag”.
How to Use Flags in Mail on iPhone?

Now, in the upper corner of the open letter, as well as to the left of the heading (if you return to the list of messages), an orange circle has appeared. This means that the “flag” is already setting.

Flaged Email Section

The Mail application has a special folder for flagged emails. To go to it, go to the Boxes (the inscription with an arrow is in the upper left corner). You will see a list with all available boxes. At the bottom is the “Flagged” folder – we need it. Click on it to see all flagged letters.

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