CDs and DVDs gradually disappear from our lives, and every day we hear about them less and less. They are dying out, and flash drives and the Internet, which is one large file storage, are replacing. However, sometimes you have to resort to using CD or DVD compact discs in order to copy old photos to your computer or to look at the necessary files that were written to the disc a couple of years ago, and here you can not do without a DVD drive.

Apple is phasing out DVD drives in its laptops, all-in-ones. As many people know, the drives are quite voluminous, and due to their elimination the products become thinner and lighter.

Apple External Drive

MD564 Apple USB Super Drive – Apple’s proprietary drive for reading and writing DVDs and CDs. The weight of the device is a little more than 300 grams, which is pretty good considering that the drive has an aluminum case. The cable is integrated in the drive and cannot be disconnected from the drive. The drive is powered via the usb bus, those the drive does not need additional power. Compatibility of the drive with devices can be seen in the table.

How to Use External CD Drive for Apple With PC or WIndows?

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Using SuperDrive with BootCamp on MacBook Air or PC

In addition to the native Apple technique, this drive will work perfectly with a regular PC or any modern Windows or Windows in Boot Camp mode and here’s the way to do that:

  • Connect your SuperDrive device to a Windows PC;
  • Download the latest version of Boot Camp Support Software “5.1.5722”;
  • Unzip it on your computer;
  • In the unzipped folder “Bootcamp5” go to the folder \Bootcamp\Drivers\Apple\ and find AppleODDInstaller64.exe;
  • Run the AppleODDInstaller64.exe executable file to install the appropriate drivers for Apple SuperDrive on Windows.


This is all that is required for the correct operation of the device with any devices based on the Windows OS. I wish you success in using.

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