Before the Apple Sidecar became a new feature that allowed you to use the iPad as a second display when working on the Mac. We are happy to accept Apple’s idea to expand our screen space with the help of the existing iPad.

Sidecar will be especially useful when you need to be mobile, for example, in a cafe or while traveling, although you can of course use it at work and at home. Apple announced the Sidecar feature at its annual WWDC 2019 event. The new feature will be active on the Mac if it is running macOS Catalina.

Which iPad will Work as a Second Monitor with Sidecar?

All tablets with a new OS version – iPadOS 13, will work with Sidecar. This article “List of All iPad Models that Support Sidecar” has a detailed description of the requirements for models and versions of devices.

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Applications you can Use with Sidecar

Apple announced that Sidecar will work with these applications immediately upon launch, I hope there will be even more in the future:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Affinity Photo;
  • Affinity Designer;
  • Cinema 4D;
  • CorelDraw;
  • DaVinci Resolve;
  • Final Cut Pro;
  • Maya;
  • ZBrush;
  • Motion;
  • Painter;
  • Principle;
  • Sketch;
  • Substance Designer & Painter.

How to Use iPad as a Second Monitor for Mac?

The Sidecar function works both “over the air” (Bluetooth) and via a charging cable. Naturally, in the second way, the connection will be more stable and with minimal delays.

Easiest Way

On the Mac menu bar, click the AirPlay icon and select the iPad that has been defined. Here, you can immediately configure the connection to display the sidebar and TouchBar, and also select either mirror display or Mac display extension.

Other way

The same action is available from the Sidecar App in macOS System Preferences.

In addition, there are some useful function parameters that allow you to move the sidebar left or right and display the TouchBar from the bottom or top, as well as enable or disable the Apple Pencil double-touch function.

If you want to display any application on the iPad in full screen mode, hover over the green button at the edge of the macOS application window and select the Move to iPad option.


This feature works great with the Apple Pencil, so the iPad can also become a graphics tablet for your Mac. On the iPad, you can display Touch Bar controls for Macs that don’t have this built-in touch panel.

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