With 3D Touch, familiar activities become even more intuitive. When you click on the screen, capacitive sensors measure the slightest changes in the distance between the glass of the screen and the backlight level. Based on the results of these measurements, iOS provides a quick, accurate and consistent response, taking into account the force of pressing. This is only possible thanks to the tight integration of software and hardware. iPhone 6S sends an instant tactile response in the form of a light touch, making it clear that it recognizes the force of pressing. Thanks to 3D Touch in iPhone 6S or latest models, you can now view a variety of content and work with it without even opening it.

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3D Touch Tricks for Apps

Many applications offer additional features related to 3D Touch. Those that do not offer respond to a strong press by the appearance of the Share button to instantly send a link to the program. Using 3D Touch with the Trello icon, for example, displays an application widget.

It is impossible to list all the features of programs that open with 3D Touch – just test your applications with a strong press. As the name of the article shows, I’ll show how quickly using 3D Touch you set the priority of downloading applications during the update:

  • Use 3D Touch tap on updating App;
  • In pop-up menu choose “Prioritize Download”;
How to Use 3D Touch If you Want to Prioritize Downloads of your Mobile App?
  • This trick with apps priority make your app update faster.

3D Touch not only speeds up work with the iPhone, but also introduces new features for which iOS had no place before. So, a strong click on the downloaded application will not only pause or cancel the download, but also give it priority while downloading several programs at the same time.


3D Touch is truly an advanced technology that opens up many possibilities for both users and developers. According to Apple, the function was made possible through the integration of software and hardware. But despite all the charms of technology, alas, Apple abandoned it and starting the iPhone 2019 lineup it will be deprived of 3D Touch recognition technology.

What application of 3D Touch did you find?


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