Many Mac users often forget to update installed applications to the latest versions. For this reason, they lack the latest features and capabilities, vulnerability fixes, and many other security improvements.

Updates for Mac Software

Fortunately, Apple developers have provided the ability to automatically install software updates. This feature is present in all new versions of macOS and even older OS X update function.

In this article, I will show you how to install application updates on your Mac yourself or automatically. At the same time, all applications will receive available updates. Agree, a very useful feature of the macOS.

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How to Updating macOS Software?

Here are some fairly simple steps that will allow you to install available updates for applications on your computer:

  • Open the Mac App Store;
  • Go to the Updates section;
  • Here you can see all the applications in need of updates;
  • We do a manual update for each app, or click the “Update All” button.

How to Enable Automatic Updating for macOS Software?

Open System Preferences -> Software Update -> Advanced, and activate, if necessary, the following items:

  • Check for updates;
  • Download new updates when available;
  • Install macOS updates;
  • Install app updates from the App Store;
  • Install system data files and security updates.


However, it is worth mentioning that the update functions should be avoided if you prefer to work with a specific version of the application. If you are not one of these users, then feel free to click “Update All”.

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