At the WWDC-2019 conference, Apple announced the creation of its own stand-alone operating system for the iPad. Now, instead of iOS, iPadOS will control the work of tablet companies.

This is a rather significant step in the evolution of such devices, because it separates tablets from fellow smartphones. In addition, this update will bring a number of new features and improvements. Tablets have become one step closer to full-fledged computers, having received the support of a mouse and external drives. In this article we will see how to update your iPadOS and apps.

The following models can be upgraded to iPadOS:

  • 5th generation iPad (2017);
  • 6th generation iPad (2018);
  • iPad Air 2;
  • 3rd Generation iPad Air (2019);
  • iPad mini 4;
  • 5th generation iPad mini (2019);
  • iPad Pro (9.7 inches);
  • iPad Pro (10.5 inches);
  • iPad Pro (11 inches);
  • iPad Pro (12.9 inches).

How to Updating iPadOS on iPad?

IPadOS 13 update available on iPad follow the instructions below:

  • Open Settings -> General -> Software Update;
How to Update iPadOS?
  • If the update is not available on the tablet, then all possible reasons for the solution are described here.

In addition, you can install iPadOS via iTunes on your computer, after downloading the IPSW firmware files.

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How Do I Update My Apps on iPadOS?

Although the Updates App Store tab is no longer present, the list of application updates is still just a click away:

  • Start by tapping your portrait in the upper right corner of the App Store screen;
  • In the “Account” panel that opens;
  • Open the “Available Updates” section;
  • Below is a list of updates;
  • It is recommended that you rescan for new updates;
  • You can check for updates using a simple swipe down;
  • To apply all available updates, use the “Update All” option. To update applications separately, use the “Update” buttons next to each list.


As soon as you update your IPad to iPados 13, release 13.2.2 will immediately become available. According to the release notes for this update, this version fixes an issue that could lead to an unexpected shutdown of applications running in the background, leading to frequent software updates.

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