Mozilla has updated the Firefox browser for macOS, promising users the perfect balance between speed and power consumption. As the developers themselves note, when designing the Firefox update, they focused on reducing browser memory consumption by introducing a number of new algorithms. Let’s learn how to update Firefox browser on your Mac.

Firefox for Mac

Modern sites are so rich in content that you need a fairly powerful computer to ensure smooth operations, follows from the press and socials. However, often even this does not help, especially if you use a browser such as Chrome, which requires a lot of resources for stable operation.

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Firefox Update

Updated Firefox has learned to run several processes at once to process heavy sites and web pages. Despite the fact that such technology has long been an integral part of competitors, Mozilla developers claim that their find is more perfect, allowing the browser to use much less memory.

Updating Firefox

By default, Firefox updates automatically, but you can always update manually. When updating manually, Firefox will still download the update, but it will not be installed until Firefox restarts. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the menu button Apple Menu -> Firefox -> About Firefox;
  • The About Mozilla Firefox window opens;
  • Firefox will check for updates and download them automatically;
  • After which it will offer to update the browser by restarting it;
  • In the second case, it will inform you that you have the latest version of the browser installed (Firefox 72.0.1).


Yeah, with the standard Safari browser, things are much simpler. But despite this, if I’m not mistaken, Firefox is the second most popular worldwide. And there is a rational explanation for this, because unlike the same Chrome, Mozilla provides an open source code for its product, does not fanatically pursue the collection of user data, and provides a decent level of security on the network.

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