Most users of Apple technology are accustomed to believing that the process of decoupling the iPhone from the carrier is extremely complex and requires some special knowledge. Most often this is true, but many AT&T iPhones give in to unlock after performing an extremely simple operation that anyone can do. In this instruction in detail about this method.

Unlock AT&T Phone

This method will help you to unlock your phone from AT&T operator the quickest way:

How to Unlock iPhone AT&T?
  • On the page that opens, opposite the “Are you an AT&T wireless customer?” Check the box under “No“. This will clarify that you are not an AT&T customer;
  • Indicate the IMEI of the smartphone in the column of the same name. You can find out the IMEI of your iPhone in the menu Settings -> General -> About the device;
  • Enter captcha, accept the rules and click Next;
How to Unlock iPhone AT&T?
  • On the next page, enter your first name, last name, email address and click Submit. The mail must be specified correctly so that you have the opportunity to confirm the start of the unlocking procedure;
  • In the letter from AT&T that arrived in the mail, click on the Submit to confirm the start of the unlock procedure.
How to Unlock iPhone AT&T?

In such a simple way, you ask AT&T to unlock your iPhone. If unlock is available, then the phone will be unlocked within the next two days.

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You can track the status of the procedure on the special page of the AT&T website. After entering the IMEI and the request number on it (indicated in the letter), the service will inform you whether the unlock is completed or not.

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