The XCode package is needed mainly by developers of programs for macOS and iOS. An ordinary user who is not familiar with the subtleties of programming for apple devices, he is extremely rarely needed.

Among the main side ways to use Xcode include:

  • Editing of PLIST files in case and system settings;
  • Creating and editing PKG and MPKG installation packages;
  • Fun with simulators iPhone and iPad.

At the same time, Xcode weighs a lot. Moreover, if it was bundled with the iPhone SDK – i.e. special tools for development for iOS, it will remove a few more gigabytes of disk space. Therefore, there is often a question about how to remove this entire package.

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Apple has not provided any special uninstaller. Deleting all Xcode programs through Uninstall App will not end with anything good either – you will not be able to clean up all the garbage from the system. The only way to cleanly and quickly remove Xcode entirely is with a command in the Terminal.

Uninstall Xcode from macOS

  • First of all “Move to Trash” from Applications folder;
  • Then launch the Terminal via Spotlight or from the Applications/Utilities folder. Type the command:
sudo -s
  • Press Enter;
  • Then enter the account password blindly and press Enter. Now you can delete Xcode itself. Type in Terminal:
/Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

Pay attention to the double hyphen before the “mode” – this is not a typo, you need to enter this way. Removal will take several minutes and will be accompanied by a huge number of service messages on the screen. When you see the blank line with the cursor again, the process will be over.


If Xcode was installed not in the /Developer folder, but somewhere else, then the contents of the command should be changed accordingly. But wherever you put Xcode, in the Library subfolder in its directory there will always be a binary file uninstall-devtools, which is designed to remove the entire package.

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