Uninstalling Application from windows is a little difficult thing to do but when you have a Mac, it is a dead simple thing to do. Some of the users having Windows OS couldn’t find the control panel from the settings and try to launch a search for the help. Isn’t it crazy? Yes, for sure it is.

The Classic Way of Uninstalling Apps in Mac

How to properly uninstall apps on Mac? Is it what you want to know? The classic method is one of the ways for you. This is the method we have used from the beginning of Mac. What you need to do is to select an app and delete it in the Finder.

  • Open Finder in macOS;
  • Open the Application’s folder there and click on the app you want to remove;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • You can drag the selected application to trash;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • Or use right-click and choose “Move to Trash”;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • Remove that app from the trash as well to remove it completely from the system;
  • If you love using the keystrokes, then it is even easier for you. Select the app and press Command + Delete to send it to the trash.

This method works for all the earlier and latest Macs. But, we have a little more interesting way for you that is being used for the latest versions like Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, OS X EI Captain etc.

Uninstall Apps through Launchpad

Although, the above-mentioned way of uninstalling an app is simple the developers are trying to make things easier for the users. So, you can follow the following given steps to uninstall apps more effectively. Remember, this solution works on the apps that are only installed from the official App store for iOS. Third party apps are uninstalled by using the first method, given above.

  • Open Launchpad;
  • You need to click or hold the app you want to delete until you see a pop-up asking for uninstalling the app;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • Click on the sign (X) and confirm deletion to remove it from the Mac.

You are not bound to use this method for the Mac OS X. You can use the first method as well but this one is a little quicker and easier than the first one. As you don’t need to remove to from the trash afterword. The newer versions have this function and deleted an app is removed from the system immediately after deleting it.

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These newer versions include Mac OS X 10. 11, 10.10,10.9, 10. 8 etc. You will be familiar with this method if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod user. This works the same there as in Mac.

How to Remove App Library Files, Caches, & Preferences after Uninstalling an App?

Sometimes there are residues left after uninstallation of an app. These contain caches, preferences and library files. These residues don’t harm your system at all but if you still want to remove them from the system then you can get help from the app Like “App Cleaner”. This can do the rest. If you don’t want to get help from any utility app and want to reach these residues by yourself then follow these links to reach there.

  • For quick redirection use “Command + Shift + G” combination;
  • For Preferences, you need to follow, “~/Library/Preferences/”;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • Scroll directory and find app folders, or use “Search” to find files you want to delete;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • For Cache, you need to go, “~/Library/Caches/”;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • Scroll directory and find app folders, or use “Search” to find files you want to delete;
how to uninstall apps on mac
  • For Application support files, you can visit, “~/Library/Application Support/”;
how to uninstall apps on mac

Although these files don’t harm your computer much some of the users don’t wait a minute to remove them as these files can take enormous space in their PC and affect the performance as well. If you are one of them then no big deal, go and follow the above-mentioned process to delete the files.  

Applications having their Own Uninstall Utility

There are many applications that need a special utility for their uninstallation. They can’t be deleted or uninstalled by any other process. The applications like Microsoft, Adobe Reader and many more are deleted with the help of Utilities that came with them.

After reading this article you would be able to know how to completely uninstall apps on Mac. I hope this would be a great help for you.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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