Blocking a number on an iPhone is an easy task. You click on a few times and boom, the number gets blocked. You may have blocked someone accidently, or after a fight, we have raging emotions, and you might have blocked the number of your friend in anger. However, now you might want to unblock that number because the fight is over with your friend. After unblocking the number, you will be able to make contact with the person, call, message and Facetime with them as well.

But the problem is that you do not know how to unblock a number, right? Well, do not worry, in this article we will help you and guide you on how to unblock a caller on iPhone.

  • First of all, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and then go to “Phone”.
how to unblock someone on iphone
  • Next, scroll down to “blocked” and tap on “Blocked” to see the existing list of contacts blocked from reaching out you, calling you, messaging you or facetiming you.
how to unblock someone on iphone
  • Thirdly, press on the “Edit” button at the corner of your screen, then tap on the red (-) minus button beside the contact’s name or number.
how to unblock someone on iphone
  • Then you have to confirm you wish to allow that person to reach you again by clicking on the large reddish “Unblock” button along with the contact name or number.
how to unblock someone on iphone
  • Repeat the same process for other contacts that you want to unblock as anticipated and then tap on “Done” to finish the process.
  • Go out of Settings app as you would normally, and then try contacting the person you unblocked. Call them, message them or FaceTime with them to reconnect with them yet again.

There is another way to unblock people who you have recently blocked, let us say for example, someone called you today and you blocked them accidently and now you want to unblock them. You can simply go to the call history, click on the contact’s information and click unblock. This method will not be as effective for the contacts who you blocked a month ago because it would be difficult and very time consuming to find their contact’s information in the call log.

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The same process of unblocking can also be applied to other IOS devices such as, iPod or iPad.

After following the above steps you will have successfully unblocked the number of the person you have been wishing to contact again.

Learning to block and unblock is also a very effective strategy if you are a business owner and you want to limit the time of people contacting you. You can simply, block the numbers again. This way you can control when people contact you. For example, in the morning you can unblock the numbers of your office employees and after office hours you can block them again so that they do not contact you in your free time and family time. Relax back after the office hours.

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  1. This article saved my life, almost literally. My sister and I got into a fight and I blocked her number in rage. Then we went out for coffee and she was wondering why I wasn’t responding to my texts or calls and I told her my phone wasn’t working. When really I just couldn’t figure out how to unblock her.

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