In macOS, you can insert many different special characters from the keyboard. Let’s see how to insert a copyright icon or trademark symbol.

You can enter frequently used characters including copyright and accented letters on a Mac using the Option (Alt) key. I have save a list of hot combinations in this article with explanations of how to open the keyboard viewer. You can use the Keyboard Viewer as a memo.

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How to Type Trademark or Copyright Symbol in macOS?

To insert a copyright icon in any text, press the key combination:

  • Option + G;
  • Note: The Option key on the Mac keyboard is between the Control and Command keys, it says alt and it has an Option (Alt)
How to Type Trademark Symbol?
  • If you suddenly forget the combination, you can simply select the symbol © with the mouse in any text, copy it and paste it in the right place.

To insert a trademark icon in any text, press the key combination:

  • Option + 2.
How to Type Trademark Symbol?

How to Type Copyright Symbol on iPhone?

On our beloved iOS, not everything is as radiant as on macOS, for such a simple task as printing a trademark symbol or copyright on iPhone, you will need a more complex implementation that I already described in this article: How to Add & Type Symbols, Glyphs, and Special Characters on iPhone?

Follow the instructions and you will succeed.


Other special characters can be inserted in the same way.

How to Type Trademark Symbol?

Just use the visual map of the character keyboard published above, but do not forget that some characters from this table are called using Option + Shift + (some key). I hope that now your work on the best computers in the World will become even simpler, more productive, and simply enjoyable!

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