The keyboard in macOS is not only the input of numbers and letters. With it, you can quickly insert into the text of various kinds of special characters, which are international definitions of a concept: it can be a sign of a common currency, a mathematical symbol or a trade designation.

Unfortunately, the characters behind each key are not reflected on the keyboards (this is partly because the output value changes depending on the layout), so I decided to create a series of articles.

In the series of articles on special characters, I will try to acquaint you with the most common characters with which we can face in a daily work routine.

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Everyone knows that it is replete with a large number of quick combinations, with which you can sometimes produce truly amazing things!

GBP Symbol on Mac

Today, we will learn, using simple combinations, to quickly insert special characters in the text, which are international definitions of a concept: it can be a sign of a common currency symbol of GBP (the pound sterling = £).

In order to print the sign of the pound sterling, it is necessary to clamp the “Option” + “3” on your Mac, it is important that while you are in the area of the document where you can add text.

Symbol Viewer

Do not forget also that you can use a special symbol viewer on a Mac and easily type almost any currency symbol, a mathematical symbol, and more. There are also keyboard shortcuts for other common currencies, such as euro, cent and, as in this case, pound.

In the future, this list on our site will be updated.


I hope that now your work on the best computers in the World will become even simpler, more productive, and simply enjoyable!

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