When typing, we often have to use many specific characters. And if, when writing by hand, there were never any problems with putting down one or another symbol, then when using text editors there are situations when the simplest symbol baffles.

In the series of articles on special characters, I will try to acquaint you with the most common characters with which we can face in a daily work routine.

Earlier, we have already considered how to put down the euro, cent, and pound sterling symbols, today we will analyze in detail how to write degrees symbol on the keyboard.

How to Add Degrees Symbol

How to write degrees Celsius on the keyboard in macOS It is worth noting that for each operating system there is its own way of putting down the symbol degrees Celsius.

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Method one – use a standard symbol table. Few people know that Windows has a symbol table in its arsenal of tools, and Celsius is included in its structure. In order to insert it into the text, you must do the following:

  • Set the cursor in the place where you want to add a symbol;
  • Press the key combination “Option” + “Shift” + “8”.

Symbol Viewer

The second Method – use a special symbol viewer on a Mac and easily type almost any currency symbol, a mathematical symbol, and more. There are also keyboard shortcuts for other common currencies, such as euro, cent and, as in this case, pound.

In the future, this list on our site will be updated.


I hope that now your work on the best computers in the World will become even simpler, more productive, and simply enjoyable!

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