Apple Watch, Apple Pay … What’s next? Apple Phone and Apple Pad? Future will show. Apple began to get rid of the letters “i” at the beginning of the name of their products. The primer “i”, we have everything connected with Apple, and now I have a question: “How to print the symbol of Apple?”.

Apple Icon in macOS

You can talk about the absence of the letter “i” in the names for a long time, you can read more about it here, but many users wondered how to insert the Apple logo into the text? With macOS, everything is simple – there is the Option + Shift + K keyboard shortcut.

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In iOS, shortcuts in this form have not yet been invented and the corporation logo on the virtual keyboard is missing. And yet it is quite easy to solve the problem, just use the instructions below.

Apple Icon on iPhone

Note: It is very important that you perform all actions from your iOS device! How to insert the Apple logo in the text on the iPhone and iPad you can read below:

  • From your iOS device copy the logo symbol is used here () or send emails from a Mac to your email;
  • Double-tap and select the logo and copy it to the clipboard;
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard;
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?
  • Select the section “Text Replacement”;
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?
  • Here we press “+” in the upper right corner of the screen;
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?
  • Create a new keyboard shortcut. Double-tap in the “Phrase” field and click “Paste” to copy the logo from the buffer;
  • In the “Shortcut” field, specify the combination of letters that must be subsequently replaced with a bitten apple;
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?
  • Save the progress;
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?
  • Go to any application with text input, for example iMessage and type the given abbreviation – the task is completed.
How to Type Apple Logo Icon on iPhone?


Unfortunately, the Apple symbol is displayed only on iOS and macOS. The point is in the standardization of Unicode, and therefore other operating systems simply do not understand this symbol and it is almost impossible to add its support to the system.

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