Live Photos is a software feature in iOS Camera application, that allows you to receive animated photos on iPhone. In this article I will show you, how to turn Live Photos function on.

Which Devices Support Live Photo

First of all we need to know which models are supported this feature. Live Photos can only be taken on devices that support 3D Touch (technology for determining the force of pressing on the screen), which are. That means that all iPhones since 6S model have supported this feature.

Working Principle of Live Photo

Live Photos work very simply – after the start of photography, the iPhone camera records 1.5 seconds of video before the shot, and then 1.5 seconds after it was taken. As a result, a valuable “context” is added to the photo, information about what was happening around, and the output is a kind of mini-video. Animation is shown by 3D Touch-clicking on a photo.

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Apple has already said that Live Photo is not a video file, but a combination of a 12-megapixel photo in .JPG with a .MOV file. A Live Photo includes 45 frames, and is played at a speed of 15 frames per second (it turns out just 3 seconds).

How to Turn on Live Photos on iPhone?

The combination of the two formats – .JPG and .MOV – also leads to the fact that the Live Photo internal storage takes up 2 times more space than a regular picture.

How to Enable Live Photos on iPhone?

All you need to enable the Live Photos mode is:

  • Open the Camera app;
  • Turn on the Live Photos option in the top menu. The icon should be yellow;
  • Press the shutter button to create a snapshot of Live Photos;
  • Now during the shooting, the Live Photo effect will be created.
How to Turn on Live Photos on iPhone?


With the release of iOS 11, Apple developers have added tools to the Photo application for editing Live Photos. About how to trim and apply effects in Live Photos right on the iPhone, we described in detail in this article.

In addition, on macOS High Sierra and later versions of the macOS, the Photo application also has tools for editing Live Photos.

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