In iPadOS, as in iOS 13, Apple has finally officially added the long-awaited dark theme for the interface of iPhone smartphones and iPad dark theme for tablets. It is fully adapted for all proprietary applications of Cupertinians. I already wrote that the work was done efficiently, and the dark theme really works great.

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Turn On iPad Dark Theme

You can activate the dark mode in iPadOS in several ways.

First way

The fastest way involves the use of the “Control Center”, in which press with force on the indicator of the brightness level of the screen and in the window that appears, click on the theme switching icon.

Second way

You can switch between a dark and a light theme through the Settings application:

  • Go to the Settings -> Display & Brightness section;
  • Select the Dark mode design.

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Third way

In addition, the installation of a dark theme is also possible at the initial setup stage of a new (or after restoring factory settings) iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Perhaps one of the most anticipated innovations in iPadOS is the dark theme of the design of the OS and system programs. This is a really useful and beautiful innovation that complemented the functionality of both Apple’s mobile systems.

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