Geolocation is one of the most energy not efficient functions of any smartphone and iPhone is no exception. If you began to notice that your device gone to discharge much faster, it is quite possible that the problem lies in the included geolocation. In this manual, we will see how to turn off this function, and at the same time, give a couple of useful tips on its use and how to disable iPhone significant locations services.

Disable Location System Services

Geolocation is used by many applications, and they do not have to be associated with maps and route building. The standard Photo application, for example, calculates your location and assigns special tags to photos, which make it much easier to sort and find the pictures you need. Keeping geolocation active is always a way out only for those users who have access to the charger during the day, but if you only charge your iPhone at home (or at work), you will have to get used to the simple procedure of enabling/disabling geolocation.

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But everyone uses the method above, and today we’ll deal with a more complex geodata service and learn how to turn off Significant Locations on iPhone, which can record and send data even if shared geolocation services are turned off.

Turn Off Significant Locations

iPhone Significant Locations is a feature that tracks and saves the places you’re located most often. To view your iPhone Significant Locations do next:

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services;
  • Next destination is System Services;
  • In the same menu, you can configure the use of the geolocation service for various applications – just turn off an unnecessary program in the list, but we interested in Significant Locations section;
  • Turn off the switch next to Significant Locations;
  • Here you also can find ”Clear History button, use it if you need it.


Now you know what Significant Locations are on your iPhone and how to turn them off!

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