Have you ever needed to disable Private Access in Safari for iOS? It is very easy to use, and you can activate or deactivate it at any time. But what if you want to completely get rid of it? We will help you with this.

It is worth noting that this method will not only disable Private Access, but completely remove the ability to use it. Just in case, we will talk about how to simply turn off the mode.

Disable Incognito Mode in iOS

  • Open Safari and click on the tab icon (it looks like two intersecting squares).
  • Click on the words “Private” to deselect and disable the mode.

When the mode is off, Safari can track cookies, browsing history and website cache, just like any other browser. In any case, you can always delete all this data.

Now let’s move on to how to completely get rid of Private Access so that no one can use the function.

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How to Turn Off Private Browsing Mode?

  • Open Settings on your iOS device;
  • Go to Screen Time;
  • Then to Content & Privacy Restrictions;
  • Find Content Restrictions;
  • Select Web Content;
  • Click Enable restrictions and enter a password. In the list, select Websites, and then check the box next to Limit Adult Website. This will completely remove the Private Access feature in Safari.

You will notice that Private browsing is no longer displayed. This means that no one will be able to use the mode as long as restrictions are enabled on the device.

A side effect of this method is that it activates an adult content filter. For most, restricting such content on the contrary seems like a useful bonus.


If you don’t know what Private Access means at all, this is a feature that allows you to use the Safari browser without saving the cache, history and cookies of the sites you visit. This mode is useful for many reasons, but it is usually used for private browsing. However, keep in mind that privacy does not mean anonymity.

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