How often do you type on your computer? E-mail, messengers – everywhere and everyone needs to answer, and sometimes, when printing a new message, you can make a lot of mistakes, trying to have time to write to everyone.

If you use Microsoft Word for Mac, you may have noticed that it aggressively corrects your errors. The function will work in the program, even if you disable auto-correction in macOS through System Preferences.

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AutoCorrect is one of the features that you either adore or hate. If you don’t like it, read on to find out how to disable it.

Turn Off AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word on Mac

In fact, many people ask this question, but not everyone has the strength to overcome laziness and go “rummaging around” in the settings because “it doesn’t seem to interfere much. The amazing, as they say, is nearby – in just four simple actions:

  • Start Microsoft Word if you haven’t done so yet;
  • On the menu bar, select Tools -> AutoCorrect;
  • Uncheck the box next to “Automatically correct spelling and formatting as you type”;
How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Microsoft Word on Mac?
  • Close the settings and use Word as usual.


Now Word will not automatically correct your mistakes. If you often make typos, it’s better not to disable the function. However, the decision is yours. You can also change advanced AutoCorrect settings.

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