On the virtual keyboard in iOS, there is a “dictation” button, which you may not have paid attention to until this point. With its help, you can give your voice a literal look and see your dictated thoughts on the display of your device.

At some points, this function is simply not needed by most users, and there may be some difficulties with its elimination of dictation, which we will try to prevent in this article.

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Since iOS 10, the situation with the dictation and its standard keyboard is quite curious. Even if it is disabled by default in the settings, the icon with a microphone is still displayed on the iOS keyboard.

How to Use Dictation on iPhone

This feature can be very useful for hands-free typing when you are driving. I often dictate messages to friends or take notes when I go somewhere.

How to Turn Off Dictation on iPhone

Disabling the “forever and meet” dictation can be done as follows:

  • Open Settings;
  • Click General;
  • Next section is Keyboard;
How to Turn Dictation On or Off  for iPhone?
  • Turn on the slider opposite the Dictation item;
How to Turn Dictation On or Off  for iPhone?
  • Agree with the system request to send data to Apple servers;
  • Go back to the dialogue window or any application (the same Notes) and make sure that the microphone icon near the space bar is still present;
  • Now go back to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and turn off dictation.
  • Agree with the warning and confirm the choice by tapping on Disable Dictation.
How to Turn Dictation On or Off  for iPhone?
  • The microphone image will immediately disappear from the keyboard, and the bothering request about the need to turn on the dictation function by accidentally pressing during dialing will disappear.

How to Turn On Dictation on iPhone

Just put the tumbler “Enable Dictation” back.


Apple warns that dictation will not work on the Apple Watch smart watch. Do not believe. Everything works fine after disabling this feature on the iPhone.

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