Standard programs in Mac OS have a lot of little-known functions. One of them – the standard player, QuickTime, can trim any music track.

Mac users can easily trim any audio file using QuickTime Player. For the first time this feature appeared in the tenth version of the player, presented simultaneously with Mac OS X 10.6.

The QuickTime Player supports various ways to edit video and audio recordings, including cropping, dividing, copying, pasting, deleting, flip, and rotate.

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You can easily trim almost any audio file (wav, mp3, m4a) with the help of available tools, namely QuickTime Player, which is included in the standard package.

Let’s get started

  • Make a copy of the audio file you want to trim;
  • Open the MP3 file with QuickTime Player, you can found it in /Applications/ or “Right click” on file, then “Open with…”;
How to Trim .mp3 Files on a Mac?
  • After opening;
How to Trim .mp3 Files on a Mac?
  • Press “Command+T” to start the trim function;
How to Trim .mp3 Files on a Mac?
  • Now choose the part of mp3 file you want to trim. You can use yellow brackets for this case;
  • Click the “Trim” button;
How to Trim .mp3 Files on a Mac?
  • After editing QuickTime will offer you to save your “New File”.

You can use iTunes to convert the song to MP3 again. Otherwise, you can simply save it in the current file format. M4a, in fact, is a variation of the popular mp3 format and works great on many platforms, while maintaining high sound quality and good compression.


The Trim function allows you to cut out unnecessary audio or video fragments and edit the remaining piece in just a few clicks. All this is done so logically, conveniently and intuitively clear that there is no point in describing this process, everything is clear.

This feature is useful for those who regularly work with audio and music to create music for video clips without buying specialized paid solutions. For ordinary users, this trick will help create the ringtone of your favorite song for your smartphone.

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