For more reliable file storage, many users resort to computer storage. Surely every iPhone owner after shooting a video faced the question of how to transfer video from iPhone to PC, especially inexperienced users ask this question as a rule. In this useful article, I will explain how to do this. Immediately, it is worth noting that transferring large videos from an iPhone to a computer is very similar to transferring photos, so if you already know how to transfer photos, then there should be no problems for you.

How to import video from iPhone on Mac/PC using iTunes

Video recordings from iPhone to computer are transferred in the same way as photos, and it is very easy to make it at once.

Just follow the easiest way:

  • Make sure that a new version of iTunes is installed on your personal computer. It is necessary to synchronize the device with our computer. For this you need to set up synchronization;
  • First, run iTunes, then click on the icon of a smartphone;
How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac or PC?
  • Go to the “Movies” section, which is located on the side panel of the main screen;
  • Activate “Sync Movies”, put a check mark;
How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Mac or PC?
  • Select a folder as the synchronization source;
  • Wait for the synchronization process to complete.


In this article, we covered the easiest ways to transfer video from an iPhone to a personal computer running Windows or macOS using iTunes. Most of the ways to transfer video are the same as transferring photos. We hope that our article was useful to you.

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