Thanks to the large glossy screen and the wide black (or white) rim, the iPad can easily be taken as one of the digital photo frames created to sit on the sofa and show guests a slideshow with photos of children and pets. And it’s true – you can really use it as a digital photo album.

So, a thin tablet with its peculiar grace replaces piles of paper photo albums. And you can overlay pictures on the map, showing where you made them, or send photos by email to friends.

Relevant apps will also help you edit your photos on the go. And if you have a suitable audio or video cable or a second-generation Apple TV, display photos on the big screen for the whole family – this makes the iPad a kind of 20th-century Kodak Carousel slide projector. True, in fairness, it should be noted that most android tablets are also capable of doing this.

The picture can cause a lot of exclamations, but when your friends see what you do with the photos on the iPad, you will most likely hear a lot more enthusiastic cheers.

The iPad can display photos saved in most of the formats used by digital cameras, including JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, and even those large uncompressed RAW files, so beloved by serious photographers who don’t want to sacrifice precious image pixels. But to brag a photo on an iPad, you must first upload them to it. This can be done in different ways.

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If you store digital photo albums in programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photo or Aperture – or even just in a folder on your hard drive – you can transfer them to your iPad using iTunes syncing.

In this article I will show, how you can transfer photos to your iPad using iTunes syncing.

Transfer Pictures to iPad with iTunes

First of all Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac and let’s start:

  • When the tablet appears in the list of sources of iTunes, click on its icon;
How to Transfer Pictures to iPad with iTunes?
  • Click the Photos tab (it’s the last one in the panel on the right);
How to Transfer Pictures to iPad with iTunes?
  • Check the Sync photos from box and select an image processing program or folder where photos are stored. This will tell iTunes where to find the photo. Copy all files or only selective albums. If you are not using any of the programs that are listed in the Sync photos from list, and just want to copy the folder with photos from your hard disk, run the “Choose folder”command and navigate to the desired folder;
How to Transfer Pictures to iPad with iTunes?
  • Once you’ve selected the photos you’d like, click “Done” or “Apply” when you first sync photos.

Note: I apologize, my iPad is in the service center, I had to make screenshots using my iPod.


As soon as you start syncing, iTunes optimizes photos. This optimization has nothing to do with image processing – it concerns solely storage. If necessary, iTunes converts photos into a format in which they take up less space on the iPad, but still become displayed on a tablet or TV screen with a sufficiently high resolution.

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