There are different applications available for Mac through which you can transfer your photos from Android devices. Almost every Android device picks up the standard camera applications offered by the Mac OS X. This is one of the easiest solutions that someone can offer. What you need to do is to launch an appropriate app for the action to be done. After launching the app. Connect your Mac to the Android device through a USB cable.

But, it doesn’t work all the time. So, I would suggest more options for you. Similarly, if an application doesn’t work in Mac, try downloading an Android transfer app in your android device for the connection. If the image captures in the Mac through android transfer application, it’s good, otherwise, read the next solutions for this problem. Most of the Mac users will be able to know these methods if they are regular users. These are the same methods we use for the transferring of data to Mac from iPhone, iPad or iPod.

You can try Bluetooth file transfer in Mac, but it doesn’t work in our case as we need same Operating System (another Mac) for the transfer of our files. There are few more solutions given below.

Copy your Photos from Android Devices to Mac from Image Capture

How to Transfer Photos from Android to macOS?

Image capture is one of the easiest, fast and efficient choice for transferring any picture from any device to Mac. When it works, it provides the thumbnails or preview of pictures in Mac. You can copy you required photos in the Mac and can delete as well from the device from where you are copying. Here I have a short guideline that can help you.

  • Get a USB cable and connect your Android device with Mac.
  • Now open Image Capture in your Mac.
  • Search for devices would show your desired Android device on the left side of the app.
  • Select one of the folders in which you want to keep your file. It is optional though, but I would recommend this for time-saving purposes.
  • Click the picture you want to copy and import it. The picture will be copied to your Mac after importing.
  • You can choose ‘import all’ option for copying all the pictures. You don’t need to worry, it is safe and fast.  

After following these steps, you can now find the destination folder that you choose at the time of launching. You will find all the stuff there. It is super cool and easy!

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However, this process doesn’t work for many old Android/Mac versions. If it doesn’t work, you can download “Google’s Android File Utility” for transferring of your files.

Copy your Photos from Android to the Mac with Android File Transfer  

How to Transfer Photos from Android to macOS?

Android file transfer is one of the most trusted apps that are being used for the transferring data. Data can be transferred to and from Mac device through this data management application. It doesn’t only share photos but videos and audio files as well. So, it is preferable for the Mac users. If image Capture doesn’t work for some reason, then you can choose this option that will certainly help you as it supports Android devices with OS 3.0 which nowadays is very common. There are very few devices (almost zero) that have 3.0 or less. So, you are not going to face any problem if you are using the latest version or an Android version above 3.0. I am writing down some instructions that can help you in a good way. Follow them for better outcomes.

  • First, download the Android File Transfer from the official website i.e in your Mac.
  • Now, connect your Android device with Mac through a Data Cable (USB Cable).
  • Open your downloaded Android File Transfer app in Mac and wait for the app to recognize your phone or device.
  • Look for the desired photos and files in the application. Captured Photos should be found in the DCIM folder.
  • You can copy photos from the Android device to Mac by using the drag & drop option as well.

Use of Preview App in Mac for Copying Images

There is another app for Mac OS X which can serve you in a good way is called “Preview” app. It is easy to use!

  • Connect your device to Mac with the help of USB cable.
  • Launch the Preview app now.
  • The file menu is there. Pull it down and find your device there.
  • Select your images and import them to your desired folder.

You can use this app for importing photos only. Other data like videos and audio files are not transferred through this app. It is quite like the Image Capture but with fewer options available there.

Transfer Photos through Photos

How to Transfer Photos from Android to macOS?

iPhoto is another good option for importing pictures to Mac. It can recognize Android devices quickly. You don’t need to do much while using this app. Just download and launch it. Find your device in the iPhoto and it will capture all the photos in your device. Import pictures to your Mac and that is it.

So, I have discussed a few best options which can help you in copying your photos and files from Android devices to your Mac. You can choose one after the other. These are the best ways to keep your files safe in your Mac. None of them require any internet connection for the action. So, your data is protected by these apps as well.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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