I like the design of AirPods, it’s a beautiful thing, but I can’t use them: the headphones do not hang in my ears and fall out. Therefore, I met the news about the appearance of AirPods Pro with great joy: indeed, there are no questions about landing in my ears now. Comfortable, fit well and firmly, do not fall out, even if you actively shake your head.

How AirPods Work?

I listened to AirPods Pro in conjunction with the iPhone 8. I’m not a very ardent fan of any looseless musci formats and other tracks in perfect quality: I listen to music via Spotify or Soundcloud via Bluetooth – in short, the most ordinary user.

How to Test AirPods Pro Before Buying?

The sound of AirPods Pro reminded me of the usual AirPods. Therefore, if you like the way AirPods play, then AirPods Pro will not disappoint, there are even more basses there – thanks to a more comfortable fit. But if the sound of AirPods is not encouraging, then it is better to consider another product.

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Do not forget to calibrate the device before or after purchase. Headphones should be connected to your phone, then do the following:

  • Open the Settings -> Bluetooth;
  • Locate your AirPods Pro and then tap the “i” icon beside it;
  • Look down and tap “Ear Tip Fit Test.”.

I advise you to do a calibration, this affects the quality of music and noise reduction.

How to Make AirPods Fit Better?

How they sit is the most popular question. AirPods Pro made significant ergonomic improvements and they are not at all like AirPods. Cushions are very cool removed and fixed, you need a certain skill, but it is easier than with ordinary ones.

How to Test AirPods Pro Before Buying?

A very important tip I can give you is “Don’t Buy Airpods Pro Without Trying!”.

Do not do this under any circumstances. I’m sure that they will turn out to be convenient for most users to most users, but so that there wouldn’t be a problem with pressure and pain in the ears, take the time and try them on at the nearest Apple Store.

Do AirPods Pro Fall Out?

Unlike conventional AirPods, the new AirPods Pro model, thanks to its curved shape and rubber ear cushions, should not fall out of your ears, even while running or playing sports. In any case, I don’t have any problems with landing and fixing the earphone.


By the way, bundled with AirPods Pro now comes a USB Type-C cable to Lightning, instead of the old USB-A to Lightning. Convenient and useful addition. It should also be noted that AirPods are sold both with a case with support for wireless charging, and with a regular case, then AirPods Pro with only one version. Of course, with support for wireless charging, you can use Qi-charging for this.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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