Actually block unwanted contacts on the iPhone – the solution is really convenient and even useful. For reasons that are understandable to every modern person.

But how to tell if someone blocks you in exactly the same way? Or do you just think that your friends have already managed to block you on the iPhone? You can try to find out in several ways, and in this article I will talk about them.

Some Words about Blocking

If the user has blocked you, then he will not receive your calls, messages, or even notifications about them. iPhone does not respond to blocked calls.

Although more often users begin to suspect technical malfunctions of the device itself, and some are under the impression of surging emotions, and sometimes even try to debug it in the traditional way, i.e. by mechanical action or in general they carry the device for repair with suspected malfunction.

How to Know if Someone Blocked your Number on iPhone?

Well, let’s say right away: the surest way to find out that someone has blocked you on your iPhone is to take this iPhone and check the list of blocked contacts in it. We have not yet come up with more reliable ones (or we don’t know about them yet), and Apple decided that this kind of information should be kept secret from the blocked user.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked your Number on iPhone?

However, since it’s really important for you to know that someone has gotten into hearing about you on your iPhone, you can try to confirm this fact for some indirect reasons.

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What Happens if you Call a Blocked Number?

If you call on the iPhone in which your number is in the “blacklist”, you will hear a long beep immediately turning into intermittent beeps, imitating that the phone is busy with an outgoing call, or a long beep with the transition to voicemail (if this service is used ) In the iPhone on which the subscriber is blocked, nothing will be displayed.

But this does not exclude the fact that the phone can simply be turned off or set up forwarding. To eliminate this fact, just call the subscriber from another number or hide your own number.

What Happens if you Send a Message to a Blocked Number?

You can also try sending a message to the user. If the message “delivered” or “read” does not appear under the sent message, you may have been blocked. But this does not apply to all cases.

If the message was delivered and read, you are definitely not blocked. You can completely disable such notifications from yourself, so you won’t be sure. The only option is to ask the suspect in person.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked your Number on iPhone?

If the message is not sent the first time, the cause may be communication problems, etc. This does not mean that the user has blocked you.

If the message is not blue, but green, then it is just SMS, not iMessage, what difference does it make and how to switch between message modes on iPhone can be read in this article: How to Setup and Use iMessage on iPhone and iPad?


There is no exact way to find out how to know if someone blocked your number on his iPhone, if you do not have access to the suspect’s blocked list. However, you can try to figure it out by the methods listed above.

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