There are a lot of interesting innovations in iOS 13, but the night theme is the most noticeable of them.

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The most noticeable new feature of iOS 13 is its dark theme, which tones a darker shade in the interface and in many applications. It became much more comfortable to work with gadgets, eye fatigue decreased.

But what if not everyone liked the dark mode, and how to turn it off? It is very simple to return a light interface design and in this article I will tell you how to do it.

Switch iPhone Theme

You can return the light design at any time if you are not comfortable with the readability of the text or the volume of the image or just your mood, etc.

Here’s how to get your iPhone or iPad to bring back a bright theme:

  • Make sure your device is running iOS 13 or later;
  • Open the “Settings” application and select “Display & Brightness”;
How to Swith Light Mode Back on iPhone or iPad?
  • In “Appearance” section choose Light.
How to Swith Light Mode Back on iPhone or iPad?

Note: Don’t forget about theme widget in Control Center, this button could switch theme too.

How to Swith Light Mode Back on iPhone or iPad?


That’s all, now your phone is bright again. If you need to regulate the topic automatically, depending on your schedule or solar cycles, then this article is useful to you.


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