If you do not want to answer calls of certain subscribers, you can block their phone numbers in the list of your contacts on iPhone. However, it would be great to go even further and block calls from all unknown subscribers.

Many users prefer not to pick up the phone when they are called from an unknown number, but at the same time, intrusive calls from unfamiliar phones sometimes interfere with normal use of the smartphone.

As a rule, callers from “No Subscriber ID” or “Unknown” numbers are robots, marketing employees trying to sell you something, etc., so getting rid of their annoying calls would be really nice.

About this problem and how to deal with Unknown Callers on iPhone, I already wrote in an article earlier: How to Block all Calls from Unknown ID on iPhone?

Below I will tell you how to block outgoing calls on iPhone for all unknown numbers.

Silent Calls from an Unknown Number

In iOS 13, developers solved this problem by adding the function of blocking incoming calls from numbers not added to the address book.

  • Open the Settings -> Phone;
How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone?
  • Enable “Silence Unknown Callers”.
How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone?

Actually, something similar could have been done on the iPhone earlier, by activating the Do Not Disturb mode and allowing Call Admission for selected contacts (more on that below), but now the function is activated literally in a couple of touches of the screen, and its use at certain time intervals It can be called convenient.

How to Stop Spam Calls on iPhone?


Why block incoming calls? For example, to discourage marketers. Quite often, after registering in not the most respectable online stores or services, the user’s phone number falls into the spam call and text mailing databases (by the way, text messages from unfamiliar numbers could be prohibited even in iOS 10). In addition, the ban on unfamiliar inboxes will protect the child or pensioner from telephone scammers, will allow the debtor to avoid stressful conversations with collectors, etc.

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