While Apple is seeking to improve the iOS mobile operating system, the number of all kinds of errors, bugs and shortcomings does not decrease. A number of users are faced with the constant need to verify Apple ID or infinitely enter the password to the account. And the saddest thing is that sometimes the hateful dialog box appears several times a day for no good reason.

Apple ID Verification Keeps Popping Up

How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?

Often, the pop up notification occurs either when the iOS device is restarted, or every time it is unlocked. To say that it is annoying is a very weak point. In this article, I will tell how to update the settings of Apple ID Verification so that the problem with regular password entry does not occur.

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Disable Apple ID Verification

When the Apple ID verification window opens or you are prompted to enter your account password, do not close it and follow next steps:

  • Select Settings;
  • Enter the current account;
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • Then click iCloud;
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • In order to get rid of pop-ups, you will need to create a backup.
  • Connect the iOS device to the charger (with charge status <50%) and open Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup.
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • Enable the Backup slider in iCloud (if not enabled) and click on Back Up Now.
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • The duration of the process of copying data to the iCloud cloud storage depends on the latest copy. Wait until the data transfer is complete.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and make sure you have the latest version of iOS. In the case of the availability of a new firmware version, be sure to upgrade.
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • Reboot the device (hold down the Power key, and then turn it back on).
How to Stop Apple ID Verification Occur?
  • Open the Settings -> iCloud and, when prompted, enter the password for the account.


After creating a backup, the iOS device will cease to constantly report the need to pass authorization or verification of Apple ID. Most likely, Apple developers will fix this bug in the next updates, but for now this is the only way to overcome the problem.

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